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Career & College Readiness Training Series

The ICAN Professional Development Training Series offers comprehensive, face-to-face career and college readiness training opportunities for school counselors, college access professionals, mentors, and community partners to ensure Iowa youth are prepared for life after high school. Through an annual certification series of training modules, professionals are given a detailed understanding of the life after high school process through the use of case study scenarios and real-life examples. Participants who successfully pass each knowledge assessment receive an official certificate of completion from ICAN via e-mail.

ICAN has developed three training programs, with additional programs slated for release in the 2019-2020 academic year. Each program offers certification in an essential component of career and college readiness.

FAFSA Completion Professional Certification Program

The ICAN FAFSA Completion Professional Certification Program is an ICAN initiative that aims to increase the availability of professionals able to assist students through the financial aid process, including the completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA.) The ICAN program offers comprehensive professional development opportunities for counselors, mentors, and community partners through an annual certification series of training modules. Workshops give professionals a detailed understanding of the financial aid process and its programs through the use of case study scenarios and real-life examples. Learn more about this program.

Basic Financial Aid - Navigating the Process

Take an in-depth look at the financial aid process from a foundational level. Ideal for school counselors and novice admissions and financial aid professionals, this training starts at square one with basic terminology and breaks down the financial aid process into easy-to-understand segments including:

  • Define types of aid available
  • Understanding financial need
  • How need is calculated
  • Award Letter Process
  • Funding Options for Students and Parents
  • Understanding Student Loans

This training will also cover how to talk to students and parents about college costs, outline a school counselor’s role in the financial aid process for students with difficult or unique home situations, and review recommendations for engaging students and families in preparing for college financing.

While this training will touch on the FAFSA form as part of the process, this is NOT FAFSA training and will not delve into the form in detail.

Learn more about this program and register.

ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum and Training Program

With nearly 70% of available employment requiring education and training beyond high school, building a college-going culture is a vital part of the school counselor role. The ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum and Training Program contains 20 lessons designed for grades 9-12 that touch on the key aspects of Career and College Readiness. From academic preparation, career exploration, and college planning, to financial literacy including all the budgets and financial components of how to pay for post-secondary education and training this curriculum covers it.

Learn more about this program and how to incorporate it in your building.


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