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Career and College Readiness Curriculum

Thank you for your interest in the ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum. Click on the topic below you wish to learn more about.

About Curriculum

Do your students graduate with the skills and knowledge necessary to transition into the workforce or a college academic program? Do they understand how to pick a career, how to apply to college, or how to navigate the financial aid process? Are they ready for life after high school?

The ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum is designed to guide students through each step of the planning process for life after high school. Beginning in 9th grade and building each successive year, this curriculum lays the foundation for the critical decisions every student will face come graduation, and provides guidance, activities, and resources to help them succeed.

Featuring approximately 24 age- and grade-specific lessons, each correlated to Iowa standards, covering Career Preparation/Selection, Academic Preparation, Financial Literacy, and College Selection and Application, the curriculum is flexible enough to enable it to be used ongoing through a student's advisement class, as a stand alone class, or integrated with existing classes.

As of August 2021, 35 high schools are implementing ICAN's Career and College Readiness Curriculum. To learn more click here.

Curriculum Information Sessions

ICAN will host information sessions throughout spring and summer 2021, for educators who are interested in implementing the curriculum for the 2021-2022 academic year. Information sessions will last 30-45 minutes and include time for questions. 

Information Sessions are scheduled for the following dates.

  • Thursday, August 19 | 4 pm - Registration now closed
  • Friday, August 27 | 9 am - Registration now closed
  • Wednesday, September 1 | 1 pm - Register
  • Click here to view a recording of an information session.

ICAP Fulfillment & ASCA Model Mindsets & Behaviors

The ICAN Career and College Readiness Curriculum was designed to align with both the State of Iowa's Career and College Readiness definition and ICAP standards, as well as the ASCA Model Mindsets and Behaviors. The ICAN program is designed to supplement a district's designated career information system in meeting ICAP requirements. ICAN is currently in discussions with the Iowa Department of Education working toward an official designation as an ICAP supplemental system. Click here to download the ICAN Curriculum standards overview.

Curriculum Lessons

Download a summary of each lesson

Academic Preparation

  • Activities Resume
  • Study Skills/Test Prep
  • GPA/World Language
  • Social Media and Effective Communication

Career Preparation/Selection

  • Life After High School/Big Picture
  • Career Assessments
  • Employability: Job Shadows and Internships
  • Exploring CTE
  • Exploring Apprenticeships

College Selection/Application

  • College Comparisons
  • Return on College Investment (ROCI)
  • Scholarship Process
  • How to Apply
  • College 101

Financial Literacy

  • Student Debt Reality
  • Basic Budgeting
  • LifeStore: A Bugeting Simulation
  • Financial Literacy: Understanding Credit
  • Internet Safety/Identity Theft
  • Income Taxes

How to License ICAN's Curriculum

ICAN licenses its curriculum program on an annual basis to high schools, colleges, and student support programs and organizations. The first year license includes content and implementation training, access to an online portal containing all lesson materials, a physical binder of all lesson materials, and full support for implementation from the ICAN curriculum team. After the first year, the license can be renewed for continued access to the online portal, new and updated lessons, and continued ICAN training and support. 

Licensing fees

  • Iowa-based high schools - $1,450 per high school for year one. Renewal - $450
  • Out of state high schools - $1,750 per high school for year one. Renewal - $500 (includes personalization for individual state needs)
  • Discounts available for districts implementing within multiple high schools. 
  • Individual pricing available for college and student support programs and organizations. 

To begin discussions on a curriculum package for your school or organization contact ICAN.


In-person and virtual training options are offered as part of the ICAN licensing agreement for curriculum. Training covers the concepts of career and college readiness and the best strategies for implementation of the curriculum. Leave with:

  • A curriculum binder full of lesson plans, worksheets, instructions, and outlines for each lesson
  • Online portal access to download PowerPoints, worksheets, lesson plans and training videos.
  • Ongoing support and assistance for questions, best practices, and implementation guidance.

ICAN provides the following flexible training options to help you maximize the curriculum within your school setting:

  • Train-the-Trainer
    This full-day session, which is included in the licensing price of the curriculum, gives your high school one seat at ICAN’s scheduled regional training sessions. This session is designed to train one member of your high school who is then the on-site lead for training of others and overall implementation of the curriculum. Additional members of your district team are welcome to attend for an additional fee. 

  • Building-wide Training
    This is an optional day-long training where the ICAN team will travel to your high school and train staff on the curriculum and implementation strategies. Cost: $250 plus licensing fee. To schedule a training date at your school contact ICAN.

Training Dates

In-Person training for curriculum is runs - 8:30 am - 2:30 pm and includes a lunch break.
Virtual training runs 8:30 am - Noon through Zoom.

Training will be offered on the following dates.

  • September 9, 2021 - Virtual (Must be registered by September 1 to receive training materials by the training date) 
  • September 24, 2021 - Virtual (Must be registered by September 14 to receive training materials by the training date)

Click here to register for a training.


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