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The following webinars are available for download.


Executive Functioning: The What and the How

Presented by Scotti Hagensick, School Improvement Facilitator for SEBH - Keystone AEA

The term "executive functioning" is often used as an umbrella term or meta-construct to define the various motor, sensory, communication and cognitive skills all individuals use for numerous daily activities and situations. This interactive webinar will provide participants with the opportunity to dig into the various definitions of executive functioning and equip educators with strategies to implement best practices designed to build students' capacity in this area. The outcomes of this session include:

  • Develop an understanding of executive functioning and applying this definition in conversations with students, staff and stakeholders
  • Link executive functioning to ASCA Student Standards: Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success as well as to individual educators' building and district mission and vision statements
  • Articulate the sequence of executive functioning skills and illustrate how these skills lead to specific behaviors 
  • Utilize problem solving templates and tools to match students to executive functioning interventions and supports

This will be an interactive session and attendees will be encouraged to turn their cameras on and engage.

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Updated ASCA Student Standards - Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success

Presented by Courtney Cook, ISCA President-Elect Elect and Social-Emotional-Behavioral Health Coordinator - Prairie Lakes AEA

Have you heard? ASCA has recently updated the Mindsets & Behaviors! The 36 ASCA Student Standards continue to identify and describe the knowledge, attitudes and skills students should be able to demonstrate as a result of a comprehensive school counseling program. The standards can be aligned with initiatives at the building and district level, including the SEL and CCR. Attendees will learn about the revisions, where they can find resources for lesson plans and objectives, and how the ASCA Student Standards crosswalk with the Iowa Social-Emotional Learning Competencies.

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Going Above and Beyond to Meet ICAP Requirements

Presented by Sheryl Bass, ISCA Immediate Past President and Career and College Counselor at Linn-Mar High School/Kirkwood Community College

Middle School and High School Counselors are often looking for new and engaging ways to reach students. While a great career information system (CIS) can help, you can go beyond what a CIS provides to ensure your students are receiving relevant information and you are meeting the ICAP requirements. Sheryl Bass will share resources she used with Schoology to provide lessons and keep track of her student data to give you an idea of how to get started. Share your favorite resources for the ICAP components with others as well.


Virtual Transitions - Expanding Communications Channels & Making Technology Work for You

Presented by Brittania Morey, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at ICAN

Technology has allowed (or forced) us to expand and learn many things over the past 18 months. As we move ever-closer to a more normal workday, what are the lessons learned and resource gained that we want to maintain? How can you expand your toolbox and take technology in a virtual world and use it to reach your stakeholders in new ways? Join us for this webinar and find out. 

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Day on the Hill and Education Advocacy

Presented by Melissa Murphy - ISCA President, Lauren Cerqueira - ISCA Advocacy Chair, and Jim Obradovich - ISCA Lobbyist

Join us for an advocacy webinar and learn about the current session. We’ll talk about the upcoming Day on the Hill event and ways in which school counselors can advocate for the role, as well as their students.

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Job Search Process and Tips for New School Counselors

Presented by Sheryl Bass - ISCA Immediate Past-President and Anna Rogers - ISCA Graduate Student Co-Chair

Join us and learn about what applying for a school counselor position in Iowa entails! Geared towards graduate students, this webinar will include topics such as finding job postings, writing a cover letter, impressing during an interview, and more.

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Implementing Interventions Using SAEBRS and MySAEBRs Data

Presented by Scotti Hagensick - ISCA AEA Ad-Hoc and School Improvement Facilitator for SEBH, Keystone AEA

SEBH screeners can be used to identify the presence of well-being factors and social-emotional competencies at the building, classroom, and individual levels. SAEBRs and MySAEBRs can also pinpoint students with potential needs in the areas of social, emotional, or academic behaviors. This session will provide an overview of SAEBRs and MySAEBRs within a school's MTSS process as well as strategies to intervene at various levels of support. Attendees will gain skills in confidently navigating the data, interpreting areas of need, and selecting targeted interventions that crosswalk with the ASCA Student Standards and Iowa's SEL Competencies.

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Leveling Up Iowa’s ICAP: ICAP Planning and Implementation Insights from 2020 & 2021

Presented by Delfina Manocchio - Xello

Educators want to go beyond ‘checking boxes’ to deliver a more thoughtful and meaningful college and career readiness curriculum. Join Xello, an Iowa state approved Career Information System (CIS) provider, in a session where we’ll discuss how Xello’s interactive lessons support the ICAP learning objectives and share practical examples of ICAP correlations from neighboring school districts in Iowa. You’ll learn how other Iowa districts have successfully rolled out and implemented the ICAP across their schools, engaged students remotely, and kept their students excited about future planning throughout this past year. You'll also see what's next for Xello and check out our brand new Financial Literacy curriculum program that you can start using today in your personal finance literacy class.

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Xello’s Work-Based Learning Module Supports All Pathways for All Students

Presented by Delfina Manocchio - Xello

Xello’s Work-Based Learning (WBL) module helps bridge the gap between education and the world of work and helps you maximize student ICAP in your district. Save time and stay organized with a centralized database to manage your contacts, companies, and opportunities. In this session, we’ll be sharing How Xello’s Work-Based Learning Module Supports All Pathways for All Students. You’ll have an opportunity to learn how Xello’s Work-Based Learning (WBL) module can support your program’s requirements and how other districts have implemented the module to streamline their workflows to make every student's future ready.

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: Cedar Falls CAPS - Connecting Students to Postsecondary with a Purpose

Presented by Chris Wood - Cedar Falls CAPS Business Solutions and College and Career Counselor, Cedar Falls High School

Join us for a conversation on community engagement and high school career and postsecondary preparation. Chris Wood, Cedar Falls CAPS Business Solutions and College & Career Counselor, discusses how CAPS prepares students (or associates as they refer to them) for their future. CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) helps associates develop the "why" for their postsecondary step rather than a simple "what." Through an out of box approach with business and community engagement, associates partner on real world projects while developing an understanding of the work they are meant to do..

ISCA/ICAN Webinar Series: The Financial Aid Process for Students with Special Circumstance

Presented by Lupe Hernandez - Student Success Advisor, ICAN

Join us for a discussion on how to guide students with special circumstance through the scholarship and financial aid process. In this session we will cover non-citizen students, DACA students, and those who are undocumented. We will also be talking about students who are or have been in the foster care system, covering how their foster care status affects them when applying for financial aid. We will also cover situations in which students can file as an independent.


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