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The following webinars are available for download.


IASFAA Community Outreach Series: Verification

This webinar talks about the Verification process, why students are selected and how to avoid mistakes.

Increase Your Odds of a Meaningful Evaluation

Presented by Aimee Hospodarsky, ISCA Immediate Past President and Elementary School Counselor at Monticello Community Schools and Sue Schirmer, Professional Learning & Leadership Consultant at Heartland AEA

Take your evaluations from "so-so" to "super" with the Iowa School Counselor Evaluation Supplement. School counselors are required to be evaluated on the Iowa Teaching Standards, but it can be a challenge to fit the role of the school counselor neatly into them.  The School Counselor Evaluation Supplement can help your evaluation become a meaningful part of a professional growth process. In addition, it's a tool for advocacy and communication about your role.  This year, the supplement has been updated to reflect the new School Counselor Competencies and updates to the ASCA model that have been recently released.
At the end of this session, attendees will:

  • understand how the School Counselor Evaluation Supplement incorporates School Counselor Competencies into the Iowa Teaching Standards
  • recognize how the School Counselor Evaluation Supplement can be a tool for advocacy and promoting the appropriate role of the school counselor
  • be able to use the evaluation process for relevant goal setting in their school counseling program 


ASCA Model Series: Why RAMP?

Presented by Sarah Majoros, Elementary School Counselor, Des Moines Public Schools

Ever wonder what RAMP is or why it is important? As counselors, we do a lot of different things in our comprehensive school counseling programs to help our students be successful. During this webinar, we will discuss what RAMP is and why considering RAMP for your school is an important step in implementing your comprehensive school counseling program.

The A-B-C of Diversity and Multiculturalism: Practical Applications for School Counselors

Presented by Dr. Roberto Swazo, University of Northern Iowa

The purpose of this webinar is to provide school counselors with a series of practical applications in pursuance of raising their cultural IQ. The main objectives of the presentation are: (a) to develop a comprehensive understanding of diversity in the schools, (b) to promote the school counselor's self-cultural exploration and evaluate its impact on daily life activities, and (c) to generate a series of practical recommendations in order to be a more proficient multicultural school counselor.


Links from Webinar

How to Avoid Common Mistakes on the FAFSA

This webinar will discuss best practices for the FSA ID and filing the FAFSA. Learn about common errors and how to help parents and students avoid these missteps in order to get the most from their FAFSA.

Preparing Seniors - Career and College Readiness for Senior Year

Senior year can be tough for students and parents - the transition from high school to life after can be tough and there are so many decision to be made. As a counselor what can you do to prepare seniors. What is the timeline and resources for senior year? What markers and to-do's can you help facilitate that can make their transition a success? In this session we'll go over timelines, tips, events, activities, and resources to help you transition the Class of 2020 to their next steps.


Kids Who Have Thoughts of Suicide

Nationally, surveys show that among teenagers, 3 out of 20 students has thought about suicide in the last year.  Among 8th and 11th graders in Iowa, more than 1 out of 10 students had a plan for suicide in the last year.  At our crisis center, we have talked to kids as young as eight or ten who are thinking about suicide.

In this webinar, we will discuss the results of last year's Iowa Youth Survey regarding thoughts of suicide, how kids of different ages show signs, and how to initiate a conversation about suicide.

Presented by CommUnity Crisis Services. 




Trans and Nonbinary Youth

Presented by Amney Harper - University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

In this webinar participants will gain an understanding of the identities and experiences of trans and nonbinary youth. We will explore various aspects of trans and nonbinary identity, including labels and language, pronouns, and identity development. Additionally, we will explore experiences of trans and nonbinary youth in school and particular challenges related to coming out, family acceptance, and building a supportive and inclusive environment within the school.


Adding Check & Connect as a Tier 2 Intervention

Presented by Amy Abler - Des Moines Public Schools

Check & Connect is a unique, evidence-based mentoring intervention that combines the systemic, standardize structure of the “Check” with the student-centered flexibility of the “Connect” that truly disrupts the cycle of school disengagement. Learn more about the fundamentals of this intervention, how it can be introduced in your district, ideas for creating data-based decision rules that help identify students for this intervention, and how to train and support mentors to begin serving students and their families.


SEL = Harmony

Presented by Laurel Klaassen, School Counselor - Sibley-Ocheyedan Community Schools

Social-emotional learning is the root of where we begin with students.  Building relationships with students and guiding them in the development of social skills can be a challenging task.  Emotional development is an area that, as counselors, we play a huge role in.  Sanford Harmony is a SEL program that can help bring unity to a school.  This webinar will share how one school has implemented Sanford Harmony using the school counselor as an integral part.  Harmony components include:  Diversity and Inclusion; Empathy and Critical Thinking; Communication; Problem Solving; and Peer Relationships.  This is a program that comes at NO COST to your school district!  Join us to see what Harmony is all about!


Having Tough Conversations with Students About Suicide: What You Need to Know

Presenter: Laura Gallo - School Counselor Educator at Boise State University

This webinar will cover the most essential information school counselors need to know when working with children and adolescents who have suicidal ideation. Common myths, the importance of language, and connecting with students will be discussed within this hour long presentation.


Teaching PreK-4th Grade Brain Research 

Brain Research" isn't just for adults! Preschool - 4th grade elementary school-age children can understand, too! Through the use of various resources and research, I teach vocabulary and purposes of the parts of our brain, practice mindful moments, and stretch our neurons for growth mindset in my comprehensive school counseling curriculum. "Brain Research" promotes emotional health, self-control, social skill strategies, and motivation to learn to ALL in our school -- students and teachers alike!

Presenter: Liz Koenig - pk-4 School Counselor - Marcus Elementary - MMCRU Schools - liz.

Resources Recommended in this Webinar:


Whole Brain Child by Dr Siegel -


What Happens When We Lose Control of Our Emotions -


  • The Most Magnificent Thing
  • The Whole Brain Child
  • After the Fall – How Humpty Dumpty Got Back up Again
  • Beautiful Oops
  • Giraffes Can’t Dance

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ASCA Model Series: ASCA Position Statements

Have you ever wondered about ASCA Position Statements? What are they? Why are they created? How can they be useful? Join us for this webinar to discuss the variety of ASCA Position Statements and discuss their value in your practice as a School Counselor.

Family Engagement for Student Success

Academic, social, and emotional/behavioral outcomes for students are impacted by connections between parents and schools. Kate Boonstra, Family & Educator Partnership Coordinator with Heartland AEA, will share personal stories alongside findings from the research on family engagement. Tools and tips for establishing and maintaining partnerships with parents will be discussed.

Personal Branding: How to Market Yourself, Your Program, and Your Role as School Counselor

Your work may not always speak for itself, which is why your personal brand is key to helping others understand your value. There’s a lot of talk about the importance of advocating for your students, your program, and your proper role as school counselor. But sometimes it just feels a little too much like bragging or there’s so much happening that the self-value step is skipped. In this session we’ll talk about how to develop your personal brand, establish your identity in the workplace, and use data to advocate to your students, parents, faculty, administrators, and your state and local representatives.

Chronic Absenteeism and Intervention Ideas for Attendance Issues

Past Webinars

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Advocacy, Advocacy, and More Advocacy!

Iowa's Intermediary Networks

IASFAA's School Counselor Webinar Series: FAFSA on the Web

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Organizing and Collaborating in the World of Google

Stepping Up for School Counselor Advocacy: How to Implement Advocacy in Your Program Every Day

Implementing a Growth Mindset Culture in Your School

How Twitter Can Help You in School Counseling

Managing the Aftermath of BMI Measurements in Schools

Paper No More! Using Livebinders!

New Counselor Resources

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