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FAFSA Completion Event

FAFSA Ready Iowa provides a network of FAFSA completion assistance events each year to Iowa students to help file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which is required to qualify for federal financial aid, including school-based events. School-based FAFSA completion events work with partnering host schools to utilize FAFSA completion data from Iowa College Aid and the AEAs to help map a plan to reach 60% completion with each partnering high school.

Time of Year: Recommended: For the 2023-2024 academic year, Federal Student Aid has announced the FAFSA won't be available until December. 
ICAN FAFSA events will be held mid-January through March 2024

Audience:  Seniors and their parents

FAFSA Ready Iowa Event Format

  • Community-Based Events
    ICAN will continue to work with community partners across the state to host walk-in and by-appointment events open to anyone needing assistance.
  • School-Based Events
    Schools wishing to partner with ICAN can host a FAFSA Ready Iowa event for their seniors. This program comes with a fee of $350. This fee can be covered by a grant or sponsor.
  • Statewide Virtual Events
    ICAN will host virtual FAFSA Step-by-Step events that will walk families through the FAFSA form and answer questions as they complete the form. These events will be open to individual families, as well as schools who broadcast the event within their building. Additional FAFSA experts will be available to answer questions and provide assistance during the event.
  • Individual Advising
    ICAN will continue to provide individual FAFSA assistance through our office locations and through virtual appointments.

Scheduling Requirements

ICAN leads the state initiative FAFSA Ready Iowa, which provides free FAFSA Completion Events in communities across the state. Individual events are only available to schools that have secured funding for the event through a grant or partner. The current partnership rate is $350. To discuss scheduling an ICAN FAFSA Completion Event, please contact the ICAN office at (877) 272-4692.

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