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ICAN is hosting the Succeed Virtual College Fair on Wednesday, February 1. 

Engaging with prospective colleges and learning about potential career opportunities is a vital part of the planning process. Help your students access an amazing amount of resources by having them register and attend the virtual fair on Wednesday, February 1 from 5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. 

The Succeed Virtual College Fair will host colleges and universities in three, 45-minute sessions. Each session will consist of 8 blocks of six colleges. During each block each college will provide students with a 6 minute introduction to their campus offerings. Students can ask questions throughout the 45-minute session.

Who Should Attend? 

Students of all ages are encouraged to sign-up and meet with colleges and universities from Iowa and across the United States. Whether they are a freshman or sophomore just starting to explore options, or a junior narrowing their list of college choices, the Succeed Virtual College Fair is a great way to meet with multiple colleges without braving the winter weather. This virtual fair is the perfect opportunity for students and parents to gather knowledge, make connections, and create the list of schools they want to visit later in the planning process.


Colleges and universities from around the country have been invited, bringing the greatest diversity and selection to Iowa students in one location.

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