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Helping Students for 10 years ... And Counting

September 26, 2008

 Chaplin was pleased enough with her first experience to repeat it each time financial aid 

forms were due. “Each year I return, and the ICAN staff makes it a pleasant and easy process. 
The staff is always friendly and willing to help. I would not attempt to muddle through all the 
paperwork without them.” 
 “ICAN is the best friend of high school counselors and college-bound students,” said 
Steve Irvin, counselor at Treynor High School and president of the Iowa School Counselor 
Association. He added, “The staff at ICAN are professionals who are dedicated to helping 
students achieve their college and career goals.” 
 The second branch of the ICAN College Planning Center opened in Cedar Rapids in 
2006. “The College Planning Center has become a reliable partner in Cedar Rapids. They work 
with many of our students, who find it a convenient supplement to our office’s services,” said 
Peg Julius, director of enrollment management at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar 
Rapids. “The staff is able to answer their questions, and all the services are free. It’s truly a 
valuable resource for students.” 
 “Even in this economic environment, students who want to get an education should have 
a pathway,” Miller said. “At ICAN, we help them find that pathway by helping them obtain 
financial aid and giving them advice on how to be successful.” 


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