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Monona County Community Partners Foundation Awards Grants

April 12, 2019

The Monona County Community Partners Foundation recently awarded grants totaling over $100,000 to nonprofit organizations in support of projects and programs throughout Monona County. This brings the total grants awarded to over $1.2 million since the first grants were made in 2006.

Funding for the grant program is a result of County Endowment Fund legislation (HF2302) passed in 2005 that provides that a percentage of state gambling revenues be distributed among all Iowa counties that do not have a gambling entity.

The following grants were awarded:

• Blencoe Fire Department; SCBA Tank Maintenance, other equipment; $4,520.61.

• Camp High Hopes; Summer Sleep Away Camp Support; $3,000.

• City of Moorhead/Moorhead Fire Department; SCBA Air Cylinder Replacement; $8,066.

• City of Rodney; Community Center Improvement Project; $2,700.

• City of Turin; Branches of Service Monument; $4,081.

• Fisher Whiting Memorial Library; Building Security; $2,868.

• Food 4 U-Backpack Program; Backpack Program - West Monona/Whiting; $5,000.

• Friends of Pleasant View Auxiliary; Sunrise Unit Memory Garden/Patio; $2,000.

• Iowa College Access Network; Exploring Life After High School; $1,000.

• Jordan/Soldier Fire Dept.; Taming the Wild Fire; $2,772.43.

• Loess Hills Hospitality Association; Explore the Loess Hills; $1,000.

• Mann School; New Steps for School; $5,000.

• Mapleton Fire Department; Bunker Gear; $9,465.90

• Mapleton Pool; Pool Improvements; $4,500.

• Mapleton Starspinners 4-H Club; Tables S’more!; $2,700.

• Monona County Community Partners Fdn.; Grant Seminar Training; $1,401.

• Monona County Conservation Board; Peter’s Park Water System; $3,861.06

• Monona County Emergency Mgmt. Agency; Countywide Firefighter Passport Tag System; $1,550.

• Monona County Veterans Museum; Security and Surveillance System Purchase; $2,500.

• Onawa Volunteer Fire Department; Turnout Gear; $10,000.

• Open Cupboard; Distribution for the Food Insecure; $3,000.

• Parks & Rec Committee-City of Soldier; Update Soldier Valley’s Veterans Memorial; $4,000.

• Soldier Community Club; Soldier Community Center Sound System; $1,400.

• Soldier Iowa Library; Beautification of Library Outdoor Space; $1,000.

• Ute Ragbrai Committee; New Bathroom for City Park; $7,400.

• Ute Senior Center; 60 Chairs and 8 Tables; $1,355.

• Ute Town and Country; New Tables and Windows; $3,000.

• Whiting Volunteer Fire Department; Fire Hose, Wildland Fire Equipment; $2,260.

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