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Prairie Meadows Awards Grant for College Access

March 14, 2013


Prairie Meadows Awards Grant for College Access

WEST DES MOINES, IOWA (March 15, 2013)— The Iowa College Access Network (ICAN) was awarded a Community Betterment Grant from Prairie Meadows at an awards luncheon held Monday, March 11 at the Prairie Meadows Casino. The grant supports college and career readiness program outreach as part of its College Access Initiative for the state of Iowa. 

Prairie Meadows Award Luncheon

“Prairie Meadows is proud to support the Iowa College Access Network,” said Prairie Meadows President/CEO Gary Palmer, “by awarding $5,000 through the Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant Program. 

ICAN Supervisor Erick Danielson and ICAN Board Member John Davis accept a check for the Community Betterment Grant awarded by the Prairie Meadows Grant Committee from Bill Eisenlauer  and Dr. Andrea McGuire, Prairie Meadows Board of Directors and Grant Advisory Committee members.

This grant will provide financial assistance to our state’s youth pursuing post-secondary education here at home and encourage them following graduation to pursue lifelong careers as productive Iowa citizens.”

The College Access Resource Project will help provide every high school student in Iowa with college planning and financial aid information and resources that will facilitate a  smooth application process for college, financial aid and scholarships, and to inform middle- and high-school students and parents of the steps that are required to achieve their educational goals. With services provided through ICAN, the Project will serve approximately 300,000 individuals including: students, parents, and educators through a partnership with the counseling offices of Iowa’s high schools.

“ICAN programs are unique in the respect that ICAN experts travel to each community, providing face-to-face presentations and one-on-one advice to students and parents in the communities in which they reside,” explained Erick Danielson, ICAN supervisor for the West Des Moines office. “The Prairie Meadows Grant enables that interaction to happen without requiring families to travel into West Des Moines for professional advice. For some families traveling for assistance isn’t possible and the Prairie Meadows grant allows ICAN to continue serving these families where they live.”

In an effort to empower students with the understanding that higher education is accessible to everyone, the College Access Resource Project is part of a wider effort by ICAN to reach every middle- and high school student in Iowa to better prepare students for college and the workforce. According to Complete College America, more than 60 percent of Iowa jobs will require a college education by 2020.

“Education and training beyond high school is a necessity for long-term success in the ever-changing job market,” explained Rob Miller, ICAN executive director. “This grant enables ICAN to continue meeting the needs of Iowa students.” 

ICAN, a nonprofit organization providing career and college readiness planning to students and parents in Iowa, has been educating and empowering Iowa’s future workforce since 1998. 

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About ICAN

The Iowa College Access Network is a nonprofit, educational organization. ICAN is the College Access Network for Iowa, and a member of the National College Access Network (NCAN). ICAN has locations in Cedar Rapids, Sioux City and West Des Moines, which provide information and support to students and their families as they plan their postsecondary education and apply for financial aid. All ICAN programs and services are provided without charge. For more information about ICAN, call (877) 272-4692 or visit

About Prairie Meadows

Prairie Meadows has given more than $1 billion through taxes, grants and charitable donations to the state of Iowa. More than $500 million of that figure has remained in our community to promote economic development, agriculture, jobs, and tourism.


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